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Casas para alquilar de 1-2 y 3 habitaciones,  en la privacidad de un residencial con parqueo, amplios jardines y equipadas con cocina, AC, HW, WiFi. TV, Horno tostador y/o lavadora para rentar bajo pedido con extra costo.

Ideal para parejas, familias y amigos, en un destino relax para quedarse a disfrutar las mansas aguas de su playa o hacer parada de descanso entre viajes. Situadas a 150 m de la bahía de Manzanillo en el extremo norte de playa Santa Teresa, cuenta como principal atractivo, el Refugio de Vida Silvestre Caletas-Ario con 5 km de la playa virgen, arenas blancas, arrecifes, ríos y manglares, uno de los pocos parques donde aun no se cobra derecho de admision, por lo que su entrada es libre y gratuita a toda hora. Un regalo para quienes no se cansan de largas caminatas, surfear en olas donde no haya que esperar turno, remar en kayak por manglares y arrecifes, hacer buceo, snorkel, pescar, montar a caballo o simplemente deleitarse de un antologico atardecer mientras se refresca en una poza durante la marea baja. 

La atencion por parte de sus dueños es personalizada y los servicios extras como transporte, limpieza y lavanderia se ofrecen al costo.

Las actividades disponibles son: paseos a caballo, en bicicleta y de pesca, buceo, kayak, SUP y surf para principiantes o reef surf para avanzados. Entre las atracciones cercanas están las de tipo aventura en las cascadas de Montezuma, el Parque Cabo Blanco, el refugio Curu, la Isla Tortugas o la intensa vida social y nocturna de centros vecinos como Montezuma y Santa Teresa, el golf y los country clubs de Tambor, ademas del surf, spa y restaurantes de prestigio mundial.

Contactenos:villasanazasi@gmail.com Tel:(506)8369-6687

Mas info y fotos en:  http://www.facebook.com/VillaAnazasi

Ubicacion google map:  https://maps.google.co.cr/maps?q=Villa+Anazasi,+160&hl=es-419&sll=9.693279,-85.190091&sspn=0.022674,0.038581&oq=villa&t=h&hq=Villa+Anazasi,+160&z=15


Four houses for rent, with 1, 2 and 3 rooms at 150 meters to the beach with ocean view, safe parking and the privacy of being at the end of a road. 

Equipped kitchen, AC, Wi-Fi and HW included. TV, electric toaster oven and washing machine for rent under request, with extra cost.

Relax and exuberant nature in this ocean view getaway, at the entrance of Caletas Park, one of the few wildlife refuges with combination of ocean, reefs, mangroves and rivers, where admission fee is not required yet.  
Miles of isolated beaches awaits for your favorite escape: surf, kayak, snorkeling, horses, fishing, walking or just laid in a tide pool.

Located at Manzanillo harbor, a residential neighborhood with the most secure beach of the area, with no currents, varied tide pools and good surf for beginners or big reef surf.
Eight minutes south is Santa Teresa beach with consistent surf, famous intl. cuisine, varied shopping and nightlife options. Forbes magazine awarded this beach as one of the 10th Breathtaking Beaches on the World. Trip Advisor choices the best Beach and Sun destination in all Central and South America.
Nearby attractions: the adventure ones at Montezuma waterfalls, Cabo Blanco Park, Curú wildlife refuge, Turtle Island or the wide social and nightlife of neighboring centers Montezuma and Santa Teresa, golf and country clubs at Tambor, besides the surf, spa and world-class restaurants.

Hidden secrets of longevity recently discovered here, make this area one of the 4th places in the world designed as blue zones, where people can live more than a century a reason why recommended centers for Yoga, Relaxation, Spa and Health took place to serve the area.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or special facilities or amenities we can coordinate for you before your arrival, like:, breakfast, lunch, dinner, rental car, quad, bicycle or horses, food, supplies, entertainment, tours, special appliances for the house, local flights tickets, taxi, hotel in San Jose, thermal resort, etc. we will help you to have the best discounts.

If you ask in advance for the availability of our courtesy car for local trips, we can schedule any trip at the half price of the taxi rates (just to cover the costs).

Traveling to Anazasi:
International flights arrive in Costa Rica at 2 International Airports
1-Juan Santamaria (considered San Jose Airport, or SJO), which is actually located about 20 minutes outside the city of San Jose.
2-Daniel Oduber (considered Liberia, or LIR) province of Guanacaste at the northern Nicoya Peninsula.

By Plane
A beautiful way to experience Costa Rica is from the air to Tambor airport, costs $75-$105 (each way). here, we will arrange to have a taxi waiting for you. Then to Anazasi it's about a 40 minute scenic ride, which costs $50 for a regular taxi (max 4 people). If you prefer rent a car, there at Tambor there are Budget and Toyota rent a car offices that delivery the car to the airport.

By Shuttle: The door to door route to Anazasi that we are happy to book for you. To take advantage of this shuttle, we recommend booking your international flight to arrive no later than 1pm. This shuttle costs between $70 and $80/each.

By Direct Bus: Direct bus service from San Jose to Santa Teresa is the cheapest $12. This bus leaves every day from downtown San Jose at 6:00am and 2:00pm. $20 Taxi ride from the international airport. The bus trip takes about 5.5 hour total with AC, from the bus station there is 20 minutes by taxi to Anazasi ($20).

Rental Car : The drive from San Jose takes about 5 hrs including the ferry. We can help you arrange to have a rental car waiting for you at the Airport in Tambor or delivered right to Anazasi for you. That way you can arrive more stress free and not have to worry about navigating the whole journey. As there are Bugdet, Toyota and Alamo rent a car in town, if you rent from the house they delivery for free and you can return the days are not using to not pay rent for the car just parking.

Driving directions
These are the directions using the old highway which takes about 1.5 hrs longer. It's possible to take the new highway, but the directions are more complicated unless yo want to drive directly from San Jose.
From San Jose Airport, head west, away from San Jose city. You can follow signs to Puntarenas, where the ferry is located. (see below) Take the ferry to Paquera. After the ferry, follow all the traffic and the signs to Tambor (where the smalll airport is located) and then on to Cobano. There is one main road, so it is very easy to follow. From Cobano crossroad go straight, after 500 meters start gravel road, reset the counter, always straight, cross Rio Negro Town, then Rio Negro bridge,  when the counter is 9,2km turn left, after 3,8 km will see the entrance on the left, 300meters up the hill is the house.

Contact Us: villasanazasi@gmail.com  Tel:(506)8369-6687

More pictures and info on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/VillaAnazasi
Find us on google map:  https://maps.google.co.cr/maps?q=Villa+Anazasi,+160&hl=es-419&sll=9.693279,-85.190091&sspn=0.022674,0.038581&oq=villa&t=h&hq=Villa+Anazasi,+160&z=15

Vista desde el mar 150m de la playa
View from the ocean 150m to the beach

Vista al mar desde las casas
Ocean View from the houses
Vista a las montañas desde las casas
Mountain View from the houses
Villa Ekab 3 habitaciones-3 rooms+garage
Villa Jakal 1 habitación-1 room
Villa Kiva 2 habitaciones-2 rooms with ocean view +garage
Villa Jakal bedroom, bathroom & kitchen with ocean view
Cosecha organica del dia, frutales, flores, medicinales
sembrado y cosechado por huespedes por 10 años
Organic catch of the day, fruits, flowers &medicinal plants 
planted & harvested by guest over 10 years.

Area social con parrilla y horno de leña,
libros, revistas de turismo, musica y lavanderia
Social area with BBQ, woden oven, books,
travel guides, music & laundry.
Playa Manzanillo
Playa Manzanillo vista Sur
Competencia anual de Castillos de Arena
Sand Castle contest
Vida silvestre-Wild life
Mono aullador (howler monkey)
Refugio Caletas Ario a 1km de distancia
Wildlife refuge 1mile distance